Well, this is the dramatic story of Anna, always sounds is a prolific writer, I am suddenly tongue n levels. How to write about personal things, only does not seem to want to flow. Now, dive, I say, my partner and I are "baby children boomers n ' after the war and the fifties, , here we are after the year 2000 up to his ears in mortgages, No kids, just leave the nest, every hour worked is called people 30 years of happy marriage has become our life in a thorough, that marriage means pichunter of sex a minimum. What to do ? Last year my partner is This change the situation, trying to spice up the lives of our s of sex. We have videos, this is sexy diddle lingerie have stumbled, and finally, after some research in the swinging scene. after the entry into a prestigious n Europe, we are starting to look closer to home. 've found n is very difficult at first, but have recognized admit that this is not about me, but for us, and I need to , as a couple that have been puTo play the scales and experience sex in a whole new dimension. The experience is the acceleration of the ball down a hill seems to be endless, have sunk deeper n in the love we have discovered that laughter again, with secrets that share with others, an attraction for each other that not only become complacent with our mediocre aspect of middle age, but inspires us to seek work in the s, our more attractive to other . Now you can not ask for brandishing pichunter a dangerous game, and I was the last person on this path but now that this journey has begun, it must be said, has reduced pichunter the danger of and the excitement grew up. just rules, the only safe sex pichunter and no means No. I feel like I , dass Changing the subject, was our recent experience of a weekend away in Melbourne, got at the local hotel to hang is the seductive new clothes keep way of checking whether all relevant areas are shaved, nail polish and a pro- peace officer - before the big event ! Necessary preparation for theMarathon sex Our agreement to a meeting tonight with three couples at a private residence, all professionals with the similar age group. We want to be the first private arrangements s so the nerves are strung tight, is one or two glasses of red wine did not really hit me the sides. I had read and reread the email from our host, that s sounded nice and making sure pichunter you do not have perfect body, this means more to me than my partner s never been so elegant are classified but carefully I can wear to minimize the size of my y sure that all the good I guess. is the matter with the swinger scene, the goal is to see a good in the tissue or the bare minimum, I think that funeral lights and dark shadows to support this area , even from our night. have We showered, perfumed, shaved discrete areas could you feel the waves of my pussy rubbing my underwear s, waving my silk stockings stockings, since n time to time touching. My partner is removed to s lovelymell greater sense now ! I n the smell of her shampoo gently, love his freshly shaven face n I love the fact that as Toey like me! We knew the direction and is close to our hotel, but unfortunately we had a fairly thick taxi driver who annoys my partner in a few minutes, so we went his cabin, and there were many our date was available for 08. 00 n clockwise proved to be a rental high-rise apartment with River Outlook . Some Nerve Stimulation complete the 10 minutes we had to save then came our host welcomed us and accompanied us on the 25th floor of this place was definitely with a point of view. Our host was a friend comfortable minutes, the entrance to the show-room apartment of our host was a sharp contrast with our host. A replica of Wonder Woman pichunter with short blonde peaks s hair was sculpted with firm breasts and big, with no wobble in the eyes, a staff member for every smile that she s continued cutting meats and cheeses from the OTRIt s guests were gracious and was followed by entertainment around the pichunter table . was composed of men of the host, thinning of the middle-aged pleasant personality, a second generation Italian auto has an engineer, his companion, who did not s also very nice, were blonde women obviously bi pump n, a partner of the Italian small n and himself, enjoyed a little red wine and then the proposal to enter the configuration lounge, where n be a game to play. We were assigned two numbers every two dice are rolled if your number came from an article to lose o clothing or any other person needs to be able to provide relief article in a very sensual. Could this game went fairly fast, with a tempting distance clothes, which were the newcomers, a new all else, so we have been led by the hand to say, Blonde escorted Bombshell n my partner is a big bed in the living room , which continued all put extra mattresses in Our numbers are uneven, but there was no kitchen rubbing, sensual kissand slow cock sucking. Now, the afternoon was not a preference of mine, n , as I sucked up, and licked his so far I have kissed quite passive taker. I tried a satisfactory development technique of " sucking cock " and at this point in time I have not mastered, but I do not want complaints. Still refuse to swallow semen, and that n but they all have to pichunter swallow down my face and body, such as. Could I had the great pleasure of sucking, while our gracious host our blonde bombshell gave my partner a hard time was M and S, and could provide a very hard Smack declare as little Mary below. At this point, I must admit I had a lot of Exchange wanted, Italian, after he sucked shit that was in plentiful supply of condoms, oils and creams he came to me, was not satisfying because it has a pretty big vagina, agreed after some time , standing must be to me a n satisfaction much more and soundsIndeed like him. I lost my partner, was at one point his head was buried drinking in the fanny little Mary is a lot of to hear her moan with pleasure as the engineer sucked and pulled the nipples during an hour in the activities a short break to mutual cuts in consensus. The tall blonde bomb engineer and had moved to second place and had " a hammer and tongs " There was not much noise in that direction, as , drank wine in the indifference act, not n seem to come up for air ! Now, every nerve in my body was associated with an increase of the state n, which our host had gently rubbed my thigh, noise animal from two rooms and the Italians was n again in full view from our point of departure will choose a place, I could feel pichunter hot and bothered ! My partner was in daily use conversation! I was between my legs and prepared to get wet Bang! The others had to put a bed Breakfast My pussy was soaked, was swollen and hadup, so I joined the others in the bed, went to the engineers a turn was face down on the bed pichunter was n little Mary he sat on his face, sucking his big cock blonde bi s, invited me to her, we pichunter took him to join his time, , but his mouth was in the way that obviously intentional. Now, as I say in a pichunter penny a pound, this is s all very new to me, she is obviously wanted my tongue next minute I was down on my clit suck the life of me while I still think the huge penis in my mouth n . They did not let up, next minute was a gymnast she had placed on his tongue I n and what to do, it was time to say it was too new for this game also saw her, my language went to the in place. Suddenly we all changed positions again this time pichunter was the template in a prone position on the bed was Blondie in the ass, the engineer was in the mouth and little pichunter Marie left to receive the diddle ! Well, it was viewer Sports and I was the center of the ring! I was the welfare and works veryone and loves every minute. I lost count the times I climaxed all I know all the fiber of my body felt pichunter wonderful to By mutual agreement, or exhaustion, we all came to a High ! Blondie had boundless energy and desire to dance now to go to the Casino, showered and slow clean and went out, had been in the Casino foot No, unfortunately, we had an early flight No it means, at this point we consider ourselves fortunate to have, 3 hours of sleep, so we hugged and kissed her goodbye n in a walk around the city. The engineer came with us, I was amazed that he could run I'm sure if we would hit the engineer a our room for three ones, unfortunately, time was too short! Return a drink in our room with a shower and yes, even wanted more, was so wonderful, from rubbing n man who instinctively knows the right place and then his reassuring thickness cut between my legs after making sure! What a night!
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